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Default Split-level stairs
Hi there, asking for some advanced building tips or ideas.

Basically, I've been trying to build this house from a Sears plan (see pic attached), and I can't figure out how to build the stairs. I came to the conclusion that it may not even be possible in the game.
To have the landing 8 clicks high (half a wall), the walls nearby and the floor above have to be distorted (using CFE at least). And I want to avoid that. Using Mootilda's grid adjuster hasn't been successful either.
What do you guys think ?
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If you don't want to use CFE then how about these?
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Inge has some similar stairs too, as well as landings:

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simsample and Natpop, I know it's a late reply, but thank you for the links ! I had already came across simlogical and hugelunatic's stairs, they work pretty well inside a normal house. But the issue here is that the split level landing is hanging, so ideally there would'nt be any walls under it. But building walls on the split level distorts the other walls of the house... Its a bit hard to explain
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