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Default Custom Career Chance Cards
Apologies if this is considered a duplicate thread; the last (and only in depth) discussion on this subject was last updated three month ago. Feel free to merge if necessary.

I recently created my first custom career and the feedback has been great. I'd like to add chance cards and while the information in the thread I linked is a great start, I was wondering if any creators could share some beginner friendly pointers and tips.

Thanks in advance.
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I was supposed to finish up a guide/tutorial on the whole adventure nodes stuff, and never did finish it up. I think the majority of people interested in that are, like you, primarily interested in the chance cards aspect of those so maybe I'll limit the scope of it and get that information posted. It's not really all that difficult, just kind of a huge amount of information to look at if you look at the existing careers in the game it can be overwhelming.
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