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Default Ideas for memory text for a "met great-grandchild" memory
I think I've accumulated enough information on how memories work to add a great-grandchild memory to my extended family hack, as mentioned previously in the "what did you discover today?" thread. The question then is: what should the text of the memory be? I'd like to hear some ideas, since I'm coming up blank at the moment.
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1st Sep 2018 at 8:24 PM
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Yes, I thought of something like that too, but that seems, I don't know, kind of morbid, and it doesn't really work for vampires/zombies/sims who abuse elixir to be immortal, who surely won't be surprised by that, although I did consider making a special memory for the former two groups.
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Yeah, maybe just something simple like that. Kind of fits with the existing memories.
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" I am filled with gratitude that I was able to meet my great grandchild today. I hope that my words of wisdom will help them on their journey in this life, and that it will be a very long one, like mine." --Something like that?

I also like simple wording, but it would be cool to see a memory acknowledging their long life. And I feel like my wording isn't as morbid as "wow, can't believe I'm still alive" lol.

I'm assuming this is to go along with your extended families mod? That would be awesome! I use Inteen currently and have for a long time, but I am seriously considering ditching it for more compatible options. Especially because I tend to have really large sim families and memories like this would be a great addition to my game.

Good luck with whatever awesome thing you're busy with now!

Edit: Just realized you mentioned what this was for, oops. I saw the title, got excited, and then proceeded straight down to the reply box

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"A great-grandchild? A great-grandchild! Who ever thought I'd live to see the day?"

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Thanks for the ideas, guys! I do like katvenus's suggestion, because it seems like it would be appropriate for both mortal and immortal sims. I think I will start working on this for real this weekend and hopefully post it tomorrow evening if everything goes well. It is indeed meant to go along with the extended family hack, but I think I might post it as a separate thread just because a) it might appeal to a slightly different set of people and b) uninstalling a custom memory probably requires deleting all of the memories that were generated, to be safe.
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How about, "Great-Grandbaby? DAYUM!!"

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