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Default Hair Retexture Issue - Transparent Patches in Hair
Hi guys, I've been retexturiing hairs and its going pretty well, but a few of them have some glaring transparency issues.

I've attached a picture of a fairly obvious example of what I'm talking about.

I was wondering if there is a way to fix this problem, and if so how?
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I not sure will this help or not
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Thanks. I followed the directions as best I could and tried it on two different hairs, but with no success.
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Most likely those problem areas still have the wrong opacity because they're part of the wrong layers or have the wrong opacity. This may need to be fixed in a meshing program, since you may need to make the problem areas into separate layers, or at best switch them around if they've switched places (bottom layer thinking it's a top layer, and opposite).

If this is an original TS2 mesh and the tp/bottom layers are separate, you should be able to fix it in Milkshape. If it's an original TS3 or TS4 mesh, you may need a different program to fix it, unless the top/bottom layers were separated by the person who converted the hair.

By applying the texture and then turning on the alpha settings in Milkshape (right-clicking the 3D window, there's an option for changing the alpha viewing) you should be able to see the end result before you export to the game. I can't remember the name of the alpha setting, but it's either the second or third option. The problem areas should show as they show ingame with the right setting.

If you can isolate the problem areas, you can make them separate layers, then give the bottom layer one number up in the opacity scale from the last back layer (plus the same name as the rest of the bottom layers), and the top layer another number up in the opacity scale from the last top layer (and the same name as the other top layers). Make sure the top layer has the highest opacity number.

You can have several layers with identical names, and they don't need extra textures, so don't worry about that. As long as you have the proper opacity settings for the different layers, they'll show up fine.
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Thankyou for the help. I've only downloaded milkshape yesterday, I'm a fresh fresh newbie with this stuff, so I don't really know how to follow your instructions. I'll return to this when I've got a little experience with milkshape and meshes under my belt!
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