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Test Subject
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#1 Old 29th Jan 2013 at 11:42 PM Last edited by Mooneh : 1st Jul 2013 at 7:33 PM.
Mythical Sim rp
How to join:

Job(if you have one):
Age: (kids allowed)

Name: Luna Heart
Job: Hunter
Weapons: Bow and arrows
Age: 14
Creature: Hybrid

My stats:
Name: Ella Roselene
Job: Ring master
Weapons: Elemental double katanas, war fans and sachel
Creature: Shapeshifter
Looks: Long black hair that reaches her heals black boots up to her knees black and white pants and ringmaster shirt sometimes wears a top hat and hood always wears creepy makeup, has a small black dash about ( ) that big on her left side, sometimes wears her hair up.
Bio: Since she was little she wore a small dark purple bandanna, her father always trained her with her weapons and some karate. She is dangerous and stays in a traveling caravan, she is hard to understand.

Plot: your town has turned into all darkness, no bits of light to be found a pack of monsters now rule your town you must hide in the shadows and never be seen, you and other survivors have to kill them.

Remember to read it all, i'll get back to you as soon as possible! :D
Mad Poster
#2 Old 30th Jan 2013 at 1:21 AM
I'll make myself as a Star Trek character for this rp

Name: Tayla Blake
Job: Starfleet
Weapons: Phaser
Age: 19
Creature: Vulcan/Human hybrid
Looks: Short brown hair and a little overweight. Mostly wears red shirts and always has the phaser that her brother gave to her.
Bio: When she was 10, she had gotten lost on a family trip somewhere. She learned to look after herself, until she was found at 17 by a small family and she was taken in my them.

Make it idiot proof and someone will make a better idiot.
Steam ID: PadukSteam
Test Subject
#3 Old 22nd Feb 2013 at 3:49 AM
Name:Roxie fleet
Job:Dancer, Assassin
Age: 16
Looks:Has Long silky waist high hair,Slim figure,bright green eyes. wears Black or grey skinny jeans with a tank top under neath a Jacket or shirt
Bio:Was a troubled child was kept as a "slave" in her stepfathers house but later killed him on her 16th birthday then she learnt how to make her way and survive.She gets her way by manipulating people (men mostly).She's stubborn
Test Subject
#4 Old 2nd Apr 2013 at 9:24 PM
Not sure if I can still join but there is (I hope ^^) no harm in trying.

Name: Mattie (Matt) Eve
Job: She sells weapons, any kind
Weapons: Survival Knife
Age: 18
Creature: Werewolf

Looks: She has a short pixie cut, her hair is dirty blond and when longer it's a bit wavy. She has a healthy muscular body. She wears green army-style printed pants with a white tube top. When cold she wears a black leather bomber jacket. She carries her survival knife in a knife holder strapped to her left upper leg(thigh). Around her neck she wears a collection of nametags from people who died around her. Everytime someone she knows dies she makes a nametag for them to wear around her neck. She also has her own nametag.

Bio: She is a silent girl who is trained to follow orders without hesitation. She never talks about her past. She most of the time hides the fact that she's a werewolf because she doesn’t want to scare people. (This is also her weakness, she is afraid she scares someone.) When she found out she was a werewolf she made a nametage with her name on it. (In her eyes she died that day.)
Test Subject
3rd Apr 2013 at 3:07 AM
This message has been deleted by EmeraldPhoenixFlame. Reason: Didn't finish
Test Subject
#5 Old 7th Apr 2013 at 9:04 AM
Lemme try, this is my first time trying to rp.

Name: Derp Yoon
Job: Researcher
Weapons: Corrosive Saliva
Age: 169
Creature: Human/Insect Mutated Hybrid

Looks: He has pale white skin with tentacle-like green hair like this http://tinyurl.com/ybrdmrc. His small yet expendable mouth hides numerous venomous fangs. He wears a hoodie to hide his monstrosity.

Bio: Ever since the experiment researching a new species that went wrong, Derp transformed into an insect-like hybrid that caused him to turn savage. Every time he consumes a fresh human, he will have extreme metabolism, extending his life and therefore making him immortal-like. Hence he does not age physically.
Lab Assistant
#6 Old 8th Apr 2013 at 11:23 PM
Name: Flora Windhill
Job(if you have one): None
Weapons: Magic
Age: (kids allowed) 7
Creature: Fairy-Wizard hybrid
Looks: Bright pink wings, blonde hair, blue eyes
Bio: Flora is a fairy, but that doesn't mean that she's tiny! She's very outdoorsy and loves a little adventure now and then. Her mother is also a fairy, but her father is a wizard, so she got magical powers. When the darkness fell, her and her family ran away into the woods, not to be seen by many others. She lost her parents, however, on the way to hiding.
Lab Assistant
#7 Old 28th May 2013 at 12:04 AM
name:destiny curter
job:trains wolves to give to others for food.
weapons:her own wolf, river and a wooden staff given to her by her father
agekids were allowed) 13
creature:half demon mixed with a hint of werewolf but cant change because shes not half or more of a werewolf.
looks:wavy dark blond hair thats to her sholders she is short and skinny but can put up a fight she was put in martial arts before the darkness fell she wears a black dress with black tights under it she keeps a cross-body purse on filled with equiptment she has hazel eyes and always carry's the staff given by her father her father died a year before the darkness but she got seperated from her mother because she was at school.
bio: not verry freindly but takes much care of the wolves, she loves river and would die if anyone ever killed river, ofcorse she would kill them first before she suicided. she tries to avoid other people if they're not customers, shes not verry brave either.
Lab Assistant
#8 Old 29th May 2013 at 1:31 AM
Name: Nely'na Serric
Job: Healer
Weapons: Ice magic and reverse healing (and her staff, when magic fails her)
Age: 20
Creature: Elf
Looks: Silver hair done in a braid, braid goes down to the small of her back (color reflects preferred magic style), slender build, long, pointed ears (duh), skin as pale as the full moon, big, almond-shaped blue-grey eyes, loose dark grey over-tunic with ice-blue long sleeves shirt underneath and tanned leather leggings and boots (come up to about mid-calf)
Bio: At first sight, many assume that Nely'na is as cold as the magic that she wield, but her gentle nature belies these rumors. Her clan discovered that she had magic at an early age, and was particularly adept at healing, saving many lives that others would have thought lost. She hates hurting people, especially when using her reverse healing talents, and prefers ice because it immobilizes her victims without actually doing any long-term harm. Though many men beg for her to choose them, she denies them all, living a life of peaceful seclusion. "I'm just looking for the right mate," she'd say, "One of these days, he will come, and I will have someone to truly share these gifts with."
Test Subject
#9 Old 29th May 2013 at 8:19 PM
Name: Leah Marie
Job: Nurse
Weapons: Katana
Age: 21
Creature: Werewolf
Looks: Brown hair just past the shoulders, about 5ft 6. Green eyes although yellow when in full change, lightly tan and a normal size (not overweight but not underweight)
Bio: Ever since her change she's lived in constant fear that once a month she'd hurt those she loved, because of this she moved far away from everyone. To this day her whole family thinks she's dead...but she has found a group of people who are different...those who understand her...those who need her... :
Test Subject
Original Poster
#10 Old 16th Jun 2013 at 11:01 PM
Hopeful we can start role-playing soon! Sorry I haven't gotten back to you guys, I'm glad people want to do this, so thanks a billion!!!!!!
Test Subject
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#11 Old 16th Jun 2013 at 11:15 PM
She stood in the alley way corner peeking out at the corner of her eye, few people lined the streets. It felt dead to her she ran down the alley to a ladder, and quickly climbed up hopping not to be seen by any wandering eyes. She raced across the black rooftops until she reached a small caravan near the edge of the town. She hopped down from the rooftops walking to her home. Slamming the door open she saw a light coming out of the forest through one of the windows. Closing the door she would run into the forest tracking mud each time her boots made a thud in the mud. She ran as fast as she could, but couldn't help feeling someone, or something was watching her. As soon as she reached the end of the forest a bright blazing light hit her face, but she was soon dragged back in by some animal or best. The light faded away and the darkness that she always knew came back. Ella tried to break free of the animals grip. As soon as she did she ran for the caravan as fast as she could not stopping to take a breath. With that she heard a gate shut and her one chance to be free of the darkness gone, she sat in her caravan looking out at the dark streets. "All I want is light" She whispered as she fumbled onto her bed, looking up at the ceiling hopping for the light to come back again.
Test Subject
#12 Old 17th Jun 2013 at 7:58 PM
It had been just an ordinary day and Matt was preparing to go to bed. As she was brushing her teeth, she looked out of the window. It had a perfect few on the dead town. Sure there were still people living here but they didn’t life, they survived. Since the light had gone out of their reach there was nothing but darkness and sadness. A lot of people she knew had been killed or ran away but she had stayed. Not for herself but for the survivors, she wanted nothing but being of use to anybody in town. She grew up with these people and had nothing else to life for anyway. When she saw an inhuman shadow crawl through the abandoned streets she turned away from it to finished up making herself ready to go to sleep.
She gave outside one last peek to see a caravan in the distance. There lived someone there, that had been for sure but she had no idea who it was and why the person lived near the edge of the town.
“Must be lonely out there..” She sighed and dropped herself on the rusty thing she called her bed. With her survival knife within her reach she closed her eyes. Her heart slowed down to put her body to rest. Before she fell asleep she turned one last time. “I should ask someone about the caravan-person tomorrow..” She drifted off in another nightmare of bloodshed, murder and strange looking creatures. Tomorrow was going to be interesting.
Test Subject
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#13 Old 17th Jun 2013 at 10:13 PM
Ella was awoken by a loud roar, that could reach a mile out and you would still be able to her it. She jumped up out of her bed quickly opening the window to see nothing. She closed her window and got dressed, before she went out the door she grabbed her katanas, sachel, and her war fans. Walking down a path to the local pub, she saw shadows coming from the alley ways, but she didn't let that get to her. As soon as she opened the pub door, there was a loud welcome from the bar, "Aye' Ella your back!" He smiled. "Never gonna leave ya know?" "Well with livin' on the edge of that forest were all for sure you would be dead."

It had been just 30 minutes later that Ella went back home she sat at a table peering into the town, she wondered if anything new was gonna happen, but thinking not she grabbed her cloak off the hanger and walked down to the town market. Yet again very few people were outside. She got some food and then left the market. On her way back to the caravan she was stopped by a tall figure.
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#14 Old 18th Jun 2013 at 12:17 AM
Nely'na watched the nearby human settlement from the trees, as she always does. Her clan always tries to convince her to stay for the night, as it is dangerous, but she generally ignores them.
It has been many years since the moon has been seen as an object of blessing, and after so much time, why would it be? Monsters of every kind dominate the night, now. Warewolves have been known to kill the unsuspecting traveler. Her own clan has been reduced to less than half of its former glory. Every person, no matter what their race, tended to see the moon as the pinnacle of their misery.
Shadows dashed in and out of view, and suddenly, a door slammed shut. Judging from the closeness, Nely'na could guess that it was the door to that caravan that had recently been parked on the edge of her people's beloved woods.
Suddenly, a twig broke on the forest floor below her, and Nely'na stiffened. Mother, she thought, give me the strength not to cry out.
Give me the strength to rely on the moon this night to protect me.
Test Subject
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#15 Old 18th Jun 2013 at 7:39 AM
Ella stood there frozen, stuck, like she couldn't break free of the cold dead eyes she was staring up into. The eyes glowed and made her shiver like the ever-lasting moon that never left the sky. She reached over her back but couldn't feel the handle for her katana. She started to freak out. Her eyes wided, she searched herself looking for some sort of protection. As soon as she felt the handle she pulled out the sharp blades of her war fans. She held the tight in her hand, being her only protection against this beast, she didn't want to lose them. Swiftly she embraced the beast hitting it into a wall. She backed up not losing balance. Now that this thing was out of her way she could run. She ran so fast she could barley breathe, she looked back, but the shadow faded into the darkness. "They're real!" She shrieked. She ran into the caravan, locking the door and shutting all the open windows. She sat next to a picture of her dead sister, only wishing she wasn't alone in this darkness.
Lab Assistant
#16 Old 18th Jun 2013 at 4:02 PM
Nely'na compartmentalized her fear. If she had to guess, the slammed caravan is what shifted the monster's attention to her, meaning that somebody was likely in trouble. She focused in on the shadow below her as her body cooled somewhat. She let the spell loose as goosebumps formed on her arms and legs, and let out a sigh of relief when the magic hit its mark.
Wiithout looking back, Nely'na jumped from tree to tree, hurrying back to her clan's camp. That was too close, she thought.
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#17 Old 19th Jun 2013 at 6:33 AM
Ella stood up walking outside into the dim lights of the streets. She followed the stone to the town center, there she sat down on the benches. She placed her hood over her head, not wanting anyone to ask what had happened. It was so quiet she heard the trees rustle, she looked up into the trees, seeing a glint of silver hair. She followed it not knowing where this thing would take her, she followed the rustle of the leaves, and the glints of silver hair through there branches, soon she reached a camp. It was some clan camp that lay near the end of the forest, she hid making sure the person she followed wouldn't see her. She peeked out from the tree a bit, It was a girl with silver hair, it must have been the one she followed! She looked young, her hair was done up in a lovely braid, and she was talking to someone, it was another elf. She hid herself, and stopped peeking out, right now she wanted to look out for any type of beast that might be here, but also she didn't want these elves finding out that she followed someone here and was watching them. She listened close to there talk, it was so silent you could hear a mouse squeak a mile away, lucky she wasn't caught.
Lab Assistant
#18 Old 19th Jun 2013 at 3:19 PM
"...I have told you that it's dangerous to go out alone, Nely'na!" the clan elder, Danerys, chastised.
"But...the humans are so interesting! And I only saw one monster. One!" Nely'na argued.
"Then that is one too many! You could have been killed! Would it help our clan if they lost their healer?" the elder countered.
"I...no, elder. It would not."
"Then head back to your tent and stay there. I know you wish to help the humans, but they spurned our help long ago. Do you think they would be grateful that we had broken our pact? No, they would only be angry."
"Yes, elder," Nely'na said as she slunk to her tent.
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#19 Old 20th Jun 2013 at 1:15 AM
Destiny and river lay in a ditch as a group of people pass by. destiny knows they are not usual customers and they do not look nice. after they are no longer visible she tends to river's scratch in her ear. "good... not too deep." she said examining river's ear. she got out a small bandage she found in a store downtown and put it on rivers ear. destiny got up and began to walk to town. "c'mon riv , we gotta go find rex and the clan. " (the wolves she hides ) "I just hope flow is okay I wish she wouldn't have the twins to take care of." they walked about a mile until they saw a person. they dove into a nearby bush. "shhh riv " she whispered to river. the person left and they continued to walk. they came up to the old camping grounds where she hid the pack of wolves. she got out a pack of steak as she entered the den. "here you go , guys it's all I could find." she went to pet the twins, posie and daisy. "so young but they will be skilled." she said as she left the old crumbling building. some women walked up with a bag in their hands. it was ms wheeler, with her 6 yr old daughter , usual customers. "hello ms wheeler and jane , are you here to see how the twins are doing? or are you looking to pick one up for your camp?" destiny asked. "oh just seeing how the twins are doing but were thinking of picking up harmony tomarrow, is that okay? " asked jane . "perfect time " said destiny "oh and is that some deer meat?" "yes." said jane they dropped off the bin of meat for the clan and went to admire the twin pups. they heard a loud screech and were alerted. "river come on girl, we gotta check it out!" yelled destiny

to be continued...

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Ella looked at the elf as she went to her tent, Shes a healer? Her name is Nely'na? Ella peeked out but then looked back in the direction of the town. She walked away from the camp as silent as she could. She could hear the howl of wolves as she walked. When she was far away from the camp, she ran to a pond, where two tombstones lay. She sat in the clearing next to one of the tombstones. Tonight was cold, colder then what they called 'day'. Under her breath she whispered "Sister will light ever return?" No response. The moon made the pond light up the sun that used to shine in the day. Ella felt like someone was here watching her this time though. She always went here, it's where her sister and her beloved Robert were buried. Ella shivered, she stared up at the moon leaning on her sister tombstone. From this view she could see a campfire from afar, but no time for exploring now. She looked down at a pile of shimmering rocks. "Moonstones..." She said softly, she liked to call this pond 'The heart of the moon' for all the moonstones that some how end up inside or at the banks of the pond. For a while it was silent and she liked that. She started hearing cold whispers behind her. She shivered at the feeling, but she could hear words, the words came clear it was the voice of her sister, Scarlet, "Do not fret sister, the sun will come again, but only if you can defeat the monsters that took over your town in the first place." She nodded. "Should I go now?" She asked. "No need to rush, stay with us tonight, and tomorrow your quest will begin." Ella placed her head on the dirt, feeling safe under her sister's protection.
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#21 Old 20th Jun 2013 at 1:24 PM
Destiny and river rushed to the screams while the other two stayed with the wolf clan at the campsite. they came upon an empty clearing. "empty? how is it empty? this is where the screams were coming from!" destiny said looking at river. as she finished her sentence, they both saw a bush begin to rustle. "river, go check it out. " whispered destiny . river walked up to the bush and began to paw at it. a girl about jane's age poked her head out. the girl tried to run away but couldn't stand. "ouch!" she said still trying to stand. destiny went over and dragged her out of the bush. she checked the girl's leg. "you broke your leg ." destiny said looking at her. "I know... I tripped over a branch back on the path.. It hurt but what got me is that I fell onto a rock." she said looking up at destiny. "well i guess it hurts, huh?" asked destiny pulling out a bandage wrap and some medical tape. "yeah... so whats your name... im cater." the girl says. "im destiny.. and theres my wolf, river. im gonna take you back to the clan's den." destiny said lifting her up. they talked all the way to the camp . "oh my.." said ms. wheeler "she's fine.. just a broken leg." said destiny. "the clan will protect her so im going to go find a healer." the pair walked off as destiny said good-bye to cater so she can go out and do stuff. destiny and river left the camp to find a healer for cater's leg. they went to search for a human campsite , not like the one she kept for her wolves and people she needs to help, like cater. she wanted to heal cater as soon as she could but didn't know how. "this will cost a ton of stuff but it's worth it." she said walking off into the dark forest to search....

Challenges in the making:
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#22 Old 20th Jun 2013 at 8:52 PM
Nely'na pushed aside the flap to her small tent. There was a fire pit in the middle, embers smoldering. There were several pallets around for the sick and wounded, empty for now. At the far end was a weapon rack, meant for her staff...and her parents' bows.
She quietly walked over to the weapon rack and gently removed one of the bows. It was a recurve, good for fast shooting to make up for the lack of power. Her hands traced the various niches and scratches on the weathered surface. Her fingers stopped on the moon symbol carved into the worn wood.
"When did the moon abandon us, Mother?" she whispered.
There was silence. Why would there be an answer? Was she expecting one?
Suddenly there was one word whispered, like a breath of wind.
"What the..."
She gently set down the bow then slipped back out of the tent. Speak again, friend wind, she mentally called. The wind blew to the east. It enveloped her, as if to say, your answer lies there.
"This makes no sense...," she muttered. All of the clan knew that to the east was death...was this a trick? The elder forbade anyone from going there.
Despite herself, she began walking, making sure that she could leave the camp unnoticed.
Lab Assistant
#23 Old 20th Jun 2013 at 9:49 PM
soon destiny came upon a camp... an empty camp. "great theres nobody here!" she said. she continued to walk with river by her side. after about another hour of walking, they gave up and went back. they were both exhausted and wanted to go to bed. after 2 hours they arrived at camp and dropped into an old shabby tent near the wolf building. they fell fast asleep and in the morning destiny tended to cater's leg. she went to town and searched the old right-aid to search for some items. later they walked back to camp. ms wheeler and jane were there. "oh , hi destiny were picking up harmony today." jane said cheerfully."good, and I hope your group is protected." said destiny as she kneeled beside cater. she gave cater a bag of gummy bears from her backpack. afted feeding cater she got some meat for the clan and came back out to the two. "oh by the way... I found out yesterday harmony's got a surprise. if oyu want you can drop them off with the clan when they're born. turns out I havn't been looking over her much I suppose she's about 7 or 8 months in." destiny said. "well... we will drop them off when they're born." said ms wheeler. destiny nodded as she petted harmony. "well here she is you payed yesterday, right? " destiny asked "yup" said jane. and destiny walked over to cater to grab the empty bag and re-wrap her leg. river went into the clan den as the two girls and harmony walked off. destiny moved cater to the tent she stays in and put her on a little thing of hay from some abandoned stall she found . she put a blanket over cater and went to the wolf building to inspect the wolves. akll of them are okay including the twins posie and daisy. destiny was about to fall asleep. she soon went to b ed in the tent with cater and river layed infront of the tent.

Challenges in the making:
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#24 Old 20th Jun 2013 at 11:38 PM
She awake around 2:00 pm. "Sister, i-is it time?" She whispered. "Darling, you cannot expect to defeat beasts like that all by yourself, you need a team" Scarlet stared up at the moon. "Remember the day I died? You told me you felt like the sun would never rise again" Scarlet brushed her fingers through Ella's hair. "And a few months later..." "It never rose again.." Ella sighed. "Was it my fault?" Ella sat up staring into the dead eyes of her sister. "No sister you did nothing, but it's possible that........I could have made this happen..." Ella was starting to tear up, "BUT HOW WHY!" she screamed. "Shhh, I saw something in the woods one day, the day I died, It was some horrific beast, blood was smeared every where." Ella froze, she never learned the real cause of Scarlet's death. "And then you died." Ella got up. She ran back into the direction of the elf camp, her sister watched as she left. If I get there maybe I can get some one to help me get the light back! She thought. Ella stopped when she reached the camp, she walked up to one of the elders. "I'm sorry to bother you and your people but... I know how to bring the sun back." Her words struck his face, like now he could believe anything to bring the light back.
Lab Assistant
#25 Old 21st Jun 2013 at 1:32 AM
when destiny woke up she walked to cater to fix her leg, and she was not there. "cater?.." no answer. "cater!" still no answer "CATER!" once again, no answer. destiny then saw the note on cater's side of the tent. she read it aloud. "dear destiny, I can now walk on my leg, so I left. I needed to go find my camp again , my brother needs me. I thank you for caring for me . goodbye- cater." destiny's eyes began to tear up, cater was really the only person that she let into her life since the darkness. the girl was gone. "r-river come girl, w-w-were going to go to the forest." she started to shed tears. cater left her, and she didn't say anything about having a clan, destiny should've known she can't trust anyone to come into her life, unless they can rid the darkness and bring back the sun, she would be grateful to join them on their quest. she went to the creek and caught some tadpoles and minnows . she went back to camp and fed the clan then spent the rest of the day in the tent, cleaning up cater's side because she wouldn't need it anymore. no one and she means no one is going to come and stay at her camp again .. ever. unless they can help her re-gain the sun. she wished she knew how to. but she didn't at all. she started to cry as she thought about cater. later she fell asleep in her small bed and slept off the things of the day... that horibble , horibble day.

Challenges in the making:
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