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Many, many thanks to Jo.

And Justpetro for keeping bar (3 extra points per round perhaps )

Many congrats to Voeille and everyone else

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Whoops, kept forgetting to check this thread! I saw that my pictures had been Photobucketed as soon as it happened, and kept meaning to come back and sort them out. I think I've done it now - I've kept all of the orginial post because of the text, but it's under a spoiler. Photos are now attached, and I've used as much of the original text to caption them as I can. It's all out of order now, but there it is. (I can't figure out how to link it as a single post, but it's halfway down page 94, @joandsarah77

Well done Voeille

And thank you Jo for a great contest

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@NatteryakToad You don't have to, I already have your post linked to the play along table. That's why I said if you could just edit and update the post. I'll look tomorrow now, it's 11.30 at night over here now.

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