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7-15-19 Update

Date Posted: 15th Jul 2019 at 10:42 PM

Upcoming Mods
  • Witch Training (After School Activity)
  • Ouran High School Host Club (After School Activity)
  • Werewolf High School

I've uploaded the Turtle Martial Arts High School to MTS but it'll take a while before its up. If you want it early, you can get it here.

Turtle Martial Arts High School

School Offer:
Welcome to the Turtle Martial Arts School! If your goal is to improve body and mind past your human limits, you've come to the right place. Your training regime is below!

Early Morning Training: Deliver milk to the inhabitants of Training Island before breakfast.

Mid Morning Training: Plow fields with your bare hands.

End Morning Training: Study.

Early Afternoon Training: Construction work with manual tools.

Mid Afternoon Training: 10 laps in lake.

Evening Training: Bee dodging.

Rest and repeat!


Custom Work Tones:
  • Milk Delivery (Improves Athletic Skill):
    • The inhabitants of Papaya Island need their milk before breakfast time and guess who’s going to deliver it to them?
  • Study (Improves Logic Skill):
    • Ever since a certain student, came through the school, there’s been an extra focus on the development of the logic skill.
  • Practice for World Martial Arts Tournament (Improves Martial Arts Skill):
    • In order to graduate from the Turtle School each student has to compete in the World Martial Arts Tournament. Even though winning isn’t a requirement, the prize money is 500,000 so it makes since to do your best.

Level 1 : Turtle School Student
Wages: $17/hr

School Days: M - Su

The training you're receiving at the Turtle School is very extremely difficult and many drop out. But if you stick with it, you'll gain amazing benefits.

  • Homework
  • Athletic
  • Martial Arts
  • Logic

This is a difficult school to attend. I wouldn't enroll a sim unless they were at least level 2 in each metric skill. The school runs from 4:30 AM until 6:30 PM, so you'll probably need a mod that disables or changes curfew.
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7-2-19 Update

Date Posted: 2nd Jul 2019 at 7:29 PM

Upcoming Mods
  • Turtle Martial Arts High School
  • Witch Training (After School Activity)
  • Ouran High School Host Club (After School Activity)

Uploaded the following on my patreon.

Name: Video Game Club (After School Activity)
Days: M,T
Ages: Teen
Skills: Arcade Machine, Influence Nerd, Video Game

Assassin's Guild (Career)

Job Offer:
Being a contract-based assassin is extremely difficult in today's world. The Assassins Guild makes it easier by providing our members with a daily base payment, contracts to earn more money, and the ability to perfect their craft.

Criminal Warehouse

Custom Work Tones:
  • Spar with Other Assassins (Increases Martial Arts)
  • Learn New Assassination Methods (Increases Logic)
  • Assassination VR (Increases Assassination)
  • Workout (Increases Athletic)

Custom Work Tone Descriptions:
Spar with Other Assassins:
Anything can happen while performing an assassination, that's why you need to be able to fight your way out. Learn how to do this by sparing with the other assassins.

Learn New Assassination Methods:
"Barcode Head" is a multi-volume encyclopedia about the assassinations performed by the legendary assassin Hitman 47. He isn't known for going in guns blazing. If you adopt his methodology, you'll quickly become known as a logical, silent killer.

Assassination VR:
The guild has invested in a virtual reality room where you can do a variety of practice contracts. Why not put the guild's money to good use?

Just like martial arts, your athletic skill can help you when you're caught in a sticky situation.

Level 1: Assassin
Wages: $30/hr
Work Days: M, Th, F, Sa, Su
Being a contract-based assassin is extremely difficult in today's world. The Assassins Guild makes it easier by providing our members with a daily base payment, contracts to earn more money, and the ability to perfect their craft.

You'll need the NRaas Careers & NRaas Assassination mods! There are 3 opportunities included.
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6-21-19 Update

Date Posted: 21st Jun 2019 at 1:09 PM

Uploaded an after school activity for teen werewolves on my patreon.
Name: Werewolf Training
Days: T,F
Ages: Teen
Skills: Athletic, Collecting, Lycanthropy

If you want a custom after school activity made you can access the request form on my patreon. You don't actually need to be a patron or even have a patreon account to access it. The form will ask for a patreon name but you can use any name you want.

Once completed, I'll post it on my patreon but if you want me to also post it on MTS (this may take a few days or longer) or email it to you, be sure to type the necessary information in the Questions, Comments, Concerns? section. Its also a good idea leave a way for me to communicate with you just in case some issues arise. You don't have to though.
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6-15-19 Update

Date Posted: 15th Jun 2019 at 5:31 PM

Uploaded an after school activity for teen fairies on my patreon.
Name: Fairy Training
Days: M,F
Ages: Teen
Skills: Charisma, Gardening, Fairy Magic

I also created an after school activity request form, if you want to have a custom after school activity made. You can access it via my patreon.
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Broom Riding Team Opportunities

Date Posted: 13th Jun 2019 at 3:32 AM

I'm making a set of opportunities for the advanced version of the Fortunteller Baba's High School for Witches mod on my patreon. I'm adding opportunities to make the school seem more like an actual school. I don't want every sim that attends to have the same exact experience so I'm creating multiple versions of the same opportunity. Right now I'm focusing on the Broom Riding Team but I plan on doing the same for other "sports" teams, clubs, classes, school events, and dating.

I've already added 4 different versions of the Broom Riding Team Tryouts opportunity. The sim's broom riding skill level impacts which version they receive and determines their likelihood of making the team. They all have the same text so you can't really tell the difference between them unless you open the .package file with s3pe.

Now I would like to make games or competition opportunities, where the sim's skill will also dictate the outcome. There's going to be local, state, national, and world games. There's going to be at least 22 other teams that represent the other towns in Sims 3. You won't actually need the towns though.

Obviously, Al Simhara, Champs Les Sims, and Shang Simla are going to be in the world tournaments. Unless there's a map or something, I'm going to have to decide which towns are going to be in the local tournament, which ones are going to be in the state tournament, and which ones are going to be in the nationals. I might make most of the towns that are included with expansion packs local, and then towns that you have to buy are going to be divided up between state and national. Or I might just come up with new locations.

I want the mascot for each team to be an animal that is associated with witches. Basically: Birds, bats, cats, roosters, dogs, hares, hyenas, leopards, oxen, sheep, snakes, spiders, toads, and tortoises. They can also be animals that are apart of the same family.

  • Appaloosa Plains = Black Shucks
  • Bridgeport = Black Widows
  • Isla Paradiso = Black Panthers (Might Change and Might Move)
  • Moonlight Falls = ?
  • Starlight Heights = ?
  • Twinbrook = ?
  • Sunset Valley (This is where Fortunteller Baba's High School for Witches is based so you'll be playing as this team.) = Black Cats (Overused trope? Might Change)

  • Dragon Valley = Shadow Dragons
  • Hidden Springs = Jaguars (Might Change)
  • Lunar Lakes = ?
  • Monte Vista = ?
  • Roaring Heights = ?
  • Sunlit Tides = ?

  • Aurora Skies = Dark Lynx (Might Change)
  • Barnacle Bay = Leatherbacks
  • Lucky Palms = ?
  • Midnight Hollow = ?
  • Riverview = ?

  • Al Simhara = Simhara Sand Vipers
  • Champ Les Sims = Black Swans
  • Shang Simla = ?

  • Oasis Landing = ?
  • Oasis Landing (Utopian) = ?
  • Oasis Landing (Dystopian) = ?
  • Sims University = ?
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6-2-19 Update

Date Posted: 2nd Jun 2019 at 1:14 PM

Assassination Opportunities
I uploaded the nraas assassination skill opportunities mod to my patreon. It has all language strings. I don't plan on uploading it to MTS. You can only pick targets based on their age and career so I wasn't able to create the opportunities where you had to specifically assassinate a paparazzi, celebrity, and an occult life-state. The opportunities start at level 1 of the assassination skill. You can use nraas MasterController to do that.
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Assassination Skill Opportunity Templates

Date Posted: 30th May 2019 at 2:28 AM

I plan on having this up on my patreon by the end of this week. These opportunities are supposed to help you achieve the mini-challenges from the nraas assassination skill. The opportunity templates are below.

  • The police have been trying to take down {Sim in Criminal Career} for a while now. I don't think we're ever going to catch the scum. Why don't you save us some time and get rid of {Sim in Criminal Career}?

Cop Killa
  • Doing criminal things is difficult when you constantly have the police breathing down your neck. Distract the cops by taking out {Sim in Law Enforcement Career}. That should give us space to do what we need to do.

Angel Of Mercy
  • I don't feel like working this same job until I'm 67! Pay a visit to {Elder} so I can get some inheritance money.

  • All I want is to be able to spend some time with my family and friends without getting bombarded by paparazzi. Can you handle that for me?

  • I sent {Celebrity} 8,267 love letters and a box of my hair last week. Instead of reciprocating my love {Celebrity} called the police! If I can't have {Celebrity}, then no one can!

  • My ex left me for a vampire because I didn't "sparkle" enough. Instead of using a healthy coping mechanism, I've decided to use my simoleons to punish all occults!
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5-26-19 Update

Date Posted: 26th May 2019 at 6:15 PM

Low Class Saiyan High
I submitted the Low Class Saiyan High mod to MTS. It should be up within a few days. You can download it now from my patreon. I added the skill opportunities and all of the language strings.

This a career where the goal is to research & write about various creatures. Opportunities will mainly consist of obtaining information from various occult life states and writing up a report. Sims will also have to travel to various towns to look for creatures like bigfoot, the beast of bray road, and the wendigo.

Assassination Opportunities
While testing my mods, I've been using the nraas Assassination skill and Desecrate's Weapon mod. I thought it would cool if sims could receive opportunity calls where an anonymous sim puts a hit on someone else.
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5-21-19 Update

Date Posted: 21st May 2019 at 7:23 PM

I just uploaded a Low Class Saiyan High mod to my patreon. I plan on uploading it to MTS once I add some opportunities and include all language strings but until then you can just download it from my patreon. There's some basic information about it below.

Low Class Saiyan High

School Offer:
The Low Class Saiyan High School ensures that your Saiyan teen will get a head start in the fundamental skills of the Saiyan Army... athletics and martial arts!

Military Base

School Tones:
  • Study Kakarot's Highlight Reels (Increases Martial Arts)
  • Put In Extra Gym Time (Increases Athletic Skill)

School Tone Descriptions:
Study Kakarot's Highlight Reels:
Kakarot, son of the Saiyan folk hero, Bardock, has competed in Earth's World Martial Arts Tournament from childhood and well into his adulthood. He was a masterful fighter and studying is highlight reels in between classes will help you improve your martial arts skill.

Put In Extra Gym Time:
Saiyan Army Trainees have to complete monthly fitness tests or take a hefty grade penalty. By putting in extra gym time now, you won't have to worry later.

Level 1 - Saiyan Army Trainee

School Days:

If you're attending this school, you're most likely a Low-Class Saiyan. Statistically, you won't get passed the Low Class Saiyan Division so you'll be spending most of your time training your body and learning new martial art techniques.

  • Homework
  • Athletic
  • Martial Arts
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5-17-19 Update

Date Posted: 18th May 2019 at 12:53 AM

Fortuneteller Baba's High School for Witches
  • Added All Language Strings
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