updated Heart rose pattern.

Date Posted: 15th Apr 2018 at 8:58 PM

So I first uploaded another pattern similar to the heart rose pattern that I posted but it had been rejected because it is almost the same. But then I had another idea. I added the rar file for Rose kiss pattern as second file to heart rose pattern. I edited the description a bit and changed the title by adding "set" to it. You can download both patterns separate in the same download section. I also added screenshots to the download so you can see what is different about it. It is just the same as the other pattern but the only difference is that it is a kiss instead of a heart.
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Patterns with sims 3 create a pattern.

Date Posted: 10th Apr 2018 at 10:27 PM

So I've been trying to upload one of my custom made patterns to MTS.
Since 2 april 2018. Its 10 April 2018 when I writing this entry and I finally figured out what channels are. After years of playing. I actually didn't know what channels are until I searched it up on google what channels mean.
And it is not fully accepted yet. It had been rejected atleast 2 times.
I just did edit the text a bit and added screenshots.

In the mean time I thinking about new Ideas.

I'm still learning to work with TSR workshop. I finally figured out how to set game paths. I only can create things from all games for sims 3 in it.
The only thing that you can do for sims 4 in TSR is editing things from the base game. But sims 3 has all expansions and stuff packs within TSR workshop.

I hope that the makers of TSR will add the other sims 4 games to it.

sims4 studio exists but I don't have it yet, I'm still watching tutorials for it and I'm still deciding if I want the program on my laptop.

I also need to remember how to do things again in Gimp 2 because I have forgotten most of the things. I remember that I could create awesome looking patterns in Gimp.

I also own CS2 photoshop now which has awesome brushes that I added which can be useful in the future. I never worked with photoshop so it is something new for me. I got this version for free and it came with CS2 Image ready where you can edit pictures in it as well if I'm not mistaken.
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First upload on MTS on 8/04/2018

Date Posted: 9th Apr 2018 at 5:30 PM

I've been a member since 2015.

I finally was able to upload one of my creations on MTS.
I was wondering for years how other members did it.
Turns out it was not that difficult.

I upload it earlier but it only had been accepted on 8th april 2018.

My Rapidash horse was my first upload here.
At first it was rejected because it didn't had a creme coat.
It had an annoying beard I could not get rid of at first and it wasn't slender.
The screenshots weren't good either.
Finally I figured out how to change things. I already knew how to change things in Create a pet. There was a mod that caused problems which causes the beard to stay forever so I deleted this mod and it removed the beard from te unicorn.

Then I decided to do something about having good screenshots.

Thanks to MTS I learned something new about the best way to make screenshots for horses and stuff. Thanks MTS.

I'm also grateful that the person who reviewed my upload told me how to do some of the things.

I still need to learn a lot and I have a feeling that this is the place
where I can learn alot about editing things and creating things.

It will take some time to create new things but I hope that I can
upload them soon.
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